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Creating a better tomorrow through football/soccer business development one City at a time.

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Upright City, is a soccer business development agency based in Miami, Florida, focusing on growing the global sport by changing the landscape, its narrative, and engagement with the greatest in the industry to leave a legacy one City at a time. We are propelled by relentless individuals with over 30 years of experience combined who strive for progress and are passionate about the sport. 


"We feel the soccer industry is ripe for disruption, and we can make a difference in helping the world improve through the sport, one City at a time, but most importantly, more women need to get involved in the business side of it if we want to grow it." 

— Upright City Team 


Because of First Amendment rights? Not necessarily, but we all have something to say about soccer, and we want to share our thoughts, passions, experiences, and expertise with you all. It won't disappoint!


Creative Ideas & concepts



Business Development 


Fan Engagement & Outreach

Government Relations 


Events & Activations 

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