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What We Do

Business Development 

Our business development services are designed to boost the growth of clubs, players, federations, confederations, and private entities. Our comprehensive offerings encompass strategic partnership building, creating new verticals or enhancing existing ones, and market expansion strategies. By leveraging our extensive network and deep industry-specific expertise, we guide our clients in improving brand visibility, boosting fan engagement, and driving revenue growth. Our approach is focused on forging solid networks through strategic partnerships with well-suited collaborators and selective clients across specific market segments, ensuring mutually beneficial relationships and sustainable growth. Whether aiming to expand your market presence or strengthen local ties, Upright City is dedicated to nurturing your growth and helping you seize the opportunities in the soccer industry.

Government Relations

Our government relations services connect you with pivotal figures in government at local, regional, and state levels, as well as with development agencies, key stakeholders, and nonprofits. We skillfully navigate the intricate political landscape to build strong support for your soccer-related initiatives. With our extensive experience, we can guide you in shaping unique approaches and impactful legislation, initiating innovative pilot programs, building meaningful relationships, and launching groundbreaking projects. It's time to boost your visibility, capitalize on evolving policy trends, and profoundly impact the soccer world.


Sponsorships & Media

Our Sponsorships and Media services are tailored to significantly boost the visibility and engagement of your personal brand, initiatives, events, tournaments, or unique packages. We strategically utilize corporate sponsorships and media rights to add substantial value to your brand, crafting meaningful packages to foster long-term business partnerships rather than just one-time support. By enhancing your brand's market presence and facilitating impactful interactions with your target audience, our services are designed to accelerate revenue growth and strengthen brand resonance. Our robust relationships and strategic approach position your offerings for success in this super-competitive soccer industry.

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