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Fans Hold the Power of Soccer Development in their Region

What drives the development of soccer? Is it the kids and adults that love the game and want to play? Is it the businesses that invest time and resources to develop the target area? Or is it the fans that want to experience the games and enjoy the culture?

When it comes to the development of soccer in a region, all of these factors play a role in the success of growing a soccer community. What truly makes the biggest difference is the fans. The involvement of fans is the key to driving growth and building the grassroots type of support that is needed to develop soccer in any given region.

The Power of Soccer = Fans

You need to look no further than the recent collapse of the Super League to see exactly how powerful the fans are. When the fans found out that club owners planned on changing the league structure, they loudly proclaimed their displeasure and the clubs involved backed out of the deal. Now that is power!

That shows the power of fans on a large scale but at a grassroots level, the power of fans is what drives the growth and the development of soccer culture and the soccer community. Fans are the kindling and the spark that become the blazing fire that is a well-developed soccer community. How does this happen?

  • Grassroots Fans Build the Hype Everywhere from Edmonton, Canada to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the fans build the hype that creates the atmosphere for soccer to develop naturally. When people want to see and experience soccer in their community, they come up with all sorts of innovative and engaging initiatives that do everything from raising money and awareness to encouraging investments from the business community.

  • Fans Build the Demand for Events In Field of Dream, a movie about baseball, the main character hears a whisper in his cornfield saying, “If you build it, he will come.” This is in reference to building a baseball diamond that would attract players. The same phenomenon happens when fans want to see soccer in their region, except it happens in reverse. If there is a demand for soccer clubs, programs and initiatives, businesses and local governments will make it happen. The creation of public programs and the investment of private money lead to a perfect storm for soccer development. This often takes a lot of work from players, parents, local officials and fans but when the demand is there, the resources and opportunities will come to meet it.

  • Fans Support Events and Engage with the Soccer Community When fans get what they want, they show their support. They attend the games, buy the merchandise and encourage others to engage. The word of mouth buzz that comes from fans that are successfully developing and growing the soccer culture and community in their area is contagious. It makes you want to join in on the action and the fans will help you get there. There is no better driver of market potential than a hungry and motivated fan base.

Upright City and the Development

of Soccer in your Area

Upright City is committed to growing and developing soccer. We strive for collaborations with partners to develop and maximize the power of a fan base to enhance and drive growth of soccer in a given area. Our mission is to create positive social impacts, drive engagement and bring people together under the banner we all love and are passionate about. Soccer aka Futbol!

Contact Upright City today and sign up for our newsletter to see how we can partner together to continue developing the sport.

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