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The 2026 = The most engaging World Cup Ever!

The World Cup. How do you begin to describe the cultural impact of an event like the World Cup? You won’t find another event of that magnitude anywhere in the world. The epitome of all sports championships, the World Cup eclipses any other sporting event in modern history, by far.

People patiently wait for years and plan, sometimes for decades, to attend the World Cup. They will save their hard-earned money for years to get the chance to see their team in the World Cup arena with the best of the best. As soccer’s Holy Grail, it is viewed as the most prestigious of championship trophies. Not only in soccer, but in all sports.

The Soccer Fever Begins!

Every 4 years, the world of soccer rejoices as the World Cup begins to ramp up once again. As the host city, or cities, begin to prepare for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of fans, soccer enthusiasts around the globe who won’t be attending make their own plans to experience the World Cup.

Some will fly across the world to attend the World Cup in person. Others will have elaborate parties where they have family and friends over. Due to these advancements in technology and accessibility for the World Cup in 2026, many around the world will experience the World Cup for the first time.

Why 2026 Will Be The Most Engaging World Cup Ever?

The 2018 World Cup broke records for viewership, having an estimated 3.5 billion people watch the event, with 1.2 billion watching the final match alone! These trends are not changing. As more and more people have access to experiencing the World Cup, it is expected to break its viewership records in 2026. With the World Cup being held in all 3 North American countries (Canada, United States and Mexico), there is expected to be an increased level of interest from the citizens in all three host countries.

How to Experience Soccer’s Best in 2026

There are many reasons that the 2026 World Cup will be the most engaging ever:

  • Digital streaming access to mobile devices is commonly accessible and fairly inexpensive, making watching and enjoying the World Cup on the go easier than ever before.

  • VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) will play a big role in experiencing the 2026 World Cup. The technology is advancing rapidly and giving fans access to a soccer experience that wasn’t possible a few short years ago. Seeing the match from inaccessible vantage points, behind the scenes access and locker room and pre-game footage may be available through the AR and VR headsets. It is highly anticipated and will be a new and exciting way to engage in the World Cup.

  • As developing countries get access to better communication infrastructure and inexpensive devices are available, more and more people will have the ability to cheer on their favorite team, no matter where they live!

  • As the World Cup is being held in North America, there is expected to be many sponsorship contests and interactive events, both digital and live, that will allow you to engage with the biggest soccer sporting event in the world, even if you aren’t going to the game.

Upright City

You don’t need to have the World Cup to enjoy soccer. At Upright City, we eat, breathe, and sleep soccer. Our mission is to help grow the sport! We do this by assisting individuals in continuing to grow their soccer businesses, promoting the sport through partnerships, programs, and initiatives to create a more significant impact, and educating everyone about the opportunities soccer and its culture brings.

Contact Upright City today to see how a future partnership will impact you and the soccer community you are building. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter!

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