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Uruguay, Argentina, Chile & Paraguay Launch Official 2030 World Cup Bid

For one hundred years, Uruguay has eagerly awaited the day the FIFA World Cup would return home, hosted once again in the region of its birth. At long last, the wait may end as Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, And Paraguay launched an official joint bid for the 2030 games. This monumental announcement came more than three years after the commission of the organizing committee set in place by each of the countries worked with CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American football, and planned their bid.

***The bid, fondly nicknamed Juntos 2030

or Together 2030***

It centers around the deep desire to "bring the World Cup back to its original home: South America," said CONMEBOL's president Alejandro Dominguez. Uruguay last saw the World Cup on its shores in 1930, when the country hosted (and won) the games against Argentina at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo, fighting its way to a 4-2 victory. The joint bid between the four countries seeks to return the World Cup to its homeland and make history. Never before have four countries united to host the FIFA World Cup, a feat South Americans are eager to take on.

In honor of this sentimental return, The Uruguayan sports minister, Sebastian Bauza, announced they would name the games after the beloved stadium. "For us, it should be called the 2030 Centenary World Cup. The 100-year celebration of the first World Cup will be here. Back to the legend, back to its roots!" he said. However, the bid is NOT guaranteed as multiple countries compete for the spot. These include a joint bid between Spain and Portugal, potentially joined by a Moroccan bid, which, if successful, would mark it as the only second African country ever to host a World Cup. Let's not forget about Egypt and Greece, joining forces with South Arabia to make it return to the MENA region.. Regardless, hope endures.

South Americans, especially those within the four bid countries, are confident of the potential success and are eager to see the World Cup return home.

Will the finals return to the region of their birth? Only time will tell...

Upright City Team.

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